About us

Frostab AB is a family company that works with processing of wild berries such as Bilberries, Lingonberries, Cloudberries and Cranberries. We have a long experience in the industry.
The company started already in 1985 under a different name, focusing on cleaning berries and producing wild meat, with exports to Europe and Asia.
In 2006, Frostab AB started and began to build up it´s business in Arvidsjaur, and today we have built up a top-modern production facility, which enables us to deliver a very good quality.
We  have a freezer area of ​​approximately 1600 sq.m.  And we have also installed our own laboratory to control and secure antioxidant values ​​in our berries, especially blueberries.
In addition to production of the wild berries, we also have a store where we sell self-produced goods that the nature has to offer, such as Wild meat, Fish, and Berries. We have our own smoking facility, and we process everything we sell.

In this video you get to see the whole story about Swedish wild forest berries, all the way from picking in the nature to a finished product.

 Blueberries(Billberries), Lingonberries all the best the nature have to offer.